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Types of Product in Magento

  • Simple Product : It is by default product of Magento. It have single SKU for a product. We can make it different types of physical product by adding different attributes. Simple products have a variety of pricing and of input controls which makes it possible to sell variations of the product. It can be used in association with grouped, bundle, and configurable products. We can use it for making Related product, cross sell product and Upsell product.

E.g. We can make different types of Ear-rings by adding different name, image and specifications.


  • Grouped Product : Group product is a collection of Simple Associated products. Each product can be purchased separately or as a part of the group. When we need to add a product as Grouped product, it does not have price options because the price of each item in the group originates from the associated product. Inventory of a group product can be managed as a whole of group product, while inventory of each associated product is managed individually. Simple and virtual products associated with a grouped product cannot have custom options. Each item purchased appears individually in the shopping cart, rather than as part of the group. The thumbnail image in the shopping cart can be set to display the image from the grouped product record, or from the associated product.


  • Configurable Product:
  • Virtual Product:
  • Bundled Product:

Downloadable Product:


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