E-commerce Site Development

What is Magento ?

Magento is an E-commerce/Shopping cart platform developed with Open Source technology(PHP,MYSQL) using Zend Framework. Now Magento becomes world leader in E-Commerce solution provider. Almost 90% of the Branded Companies are now using Magento as a tool to develop his/her business to promote there Products.

Magento uses latest object-oriented programming and model–view–controller architecture in it’s internal coding. Magento uses the Entity–Attribute–Value model to store data using InnoDB as Storage Engine.

We are very fortunate that during starting period in early 2008, when Magento launched, we come to know about it. We started working from its beta version in 2008 to replace Os-commerce clients.  We server many E-commerce clients across the globe till date. Our Magento Developer are so confident in any level of customization to fulfill client’s requirement.

If you need any E-commerce consultancy, feel free to talk.

More details :

Email : info@briansoftglobalservices.com

Mobile : +91-9007144774 (Whatsapp)

Web : http://www.briansoftglobalservices.com/


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