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Employment Orientation Session

It was a great initiative by Brian Soft Global Services and Anudip Foundation to provide Guidance to there children about — How to Make Career, Where is the loop Hole ? What is the process to find a job. How to do that ? What are options available in Market, where you can try your… Continue reading Employment Orientation Session

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Types of Product in Magento

Simple Product : It is by default product of Magento. It have single SKU for a product. We can make it different types of physical product by adding different attributes. Simple products have a variety of pricing and of input controls which makes it possible to sell variations of the product. It can be used… Continue reading Types of Product in Magento

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how to generate consumer key for twitter ?

Login into your twitter account. https://apps.twitter.com/ follow this link to create “Create New App”. In order to move forward, it will authenticate your registered mobile no. If you mobile no. is not registered here, you have to register first. Fill up all the details like Name *, Description* ,Website* Required field… Then press “Create your… Continue reading how to generate consumer key for twitter ?

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What is Magento ?

Magento is an E-commerce/Shopping cart platform developed with Open Source technology(PHP,MYSQL) using Zend Framework. Now Magento becomes world leader in E-Commerce solution provider. Almost 90% of the Branded Companies are now using Magento as a tool to develop his/her business to promote there Products. Magento uses latest object-oriented programming and model–view–controller architecture in it’s internal… Continue reading What is Magento ?

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How to show checkbox checked in PHP

<?php $country = array( 1 => ‘USA’, 2 => ‘UK’, 3 => ‘Japan’, 4 => ‘India’, 5 => ‘Australia’); $the_key = ‘Australia|UK|India’; // or whatever you want $myrow = explode(‘|’,$the_key); $containsSearch1 = array_intersect( $country,$myrow); foreach($country as $key=> $val) { if(in_array($val,$containsSearch1)) { echo “$val.<input type=’checkbox’ name=’check_list[]’ value=’”.$val.”‘ checked=’checked’ /><br />”; } else { echo “$val.<input type=’checkbox’… Continue reading How to show checkbox checked in PHP

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Country Code Drop Down list

HTML CODE FOR DROP DOWN Menu <select name=”county_list”> <option value=”1″>USA</option> <option value=”2″>UK</option> <option value=”3″>Japan</option> <option value=”4″ selected=”selected”>India</option> <option value=”5″>Australia</option> </select> <input value=”” name=”name” type=”text”> <input value=”go” name=”go” type=”submit”> PHP CODE FOR DROP Down Menu With Selected value <?php $the_key = 4; // or whatever you want $country = array( 1 => ‘USA’, 2 => ‘UK’,… Continue reading Country Code Drop Down list

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How PHP training courses make you a Confident programmer ?

Those who get professional PHP Training, will make a strong base in his/her IT carrer. They will grow as fast as other programmer can not do it. The basic requiremnt in PHP enable programming knowledge is his LOGICAL ability. Rest we will show them how PHP works, how a client server work with each other,… Continue reading How PHP training courses make you a Confident programmer ?